We often have clients ask one question related to our joinery service – what is Joinery and what is the difference between carpentry and Joinery? The answer is that both are from the same genre, but with different specializations. A Joiner will generate the item inside a workshop and “join” the pieces of wood together at the site. A Carpenter will then connect the items that the Joiner has created on the clients’ site. From this explanation you can see that even though there will surely be a cross-over of the two roles, they are different. Thus, it will be very important that you identify what skills and expertise does the company that you are going to work with have to offer, to ensure that they are the correct person for your project. This aspect is why SKC interiors are best suited for all Joinery works pertaining to Residential, Commercial or Hospitality sectors. We have skilled workers who specialize in supporting any Modern Wood Interiors requirement in Dubai. We are a one stop shop for any joinery requirement, regardless of the sector.

We do all kinds of joinery and carpentry works including:

Our customers usually look for the complete project because it is a hazzle to have carpentry service and Joinery service from two different vendors and it is a financially draining aspect as well. For example, you may find a Carpenter that can fit you some personalized windows perfectly however, he may not be able to put them together and manufacture them in the workshop to the correct standards. You may come across an outstanding joiner who makes exceptional custom-made ceilings however, he may not be the right person to fit the roof for you.

This is where working with an all-rounder company like SKC interiors is extremely beneficial. We have a blend of Joiners and Carpenters who will be able to complete your project to an extraordinary standard from start to finish. You can then be rest assured that the construction and assembly of the work they are undertaking for you will both be of an outstanding standard. It also avoids having for two separate contractors for the job and makes your work load a lot easier to manage and organize.

We here at SKC Interiors, strive to be number one in the industry in all of UAE. We are excellent at work with a variety of different timber as well as other materials to construct the perfect solution for every project. We are proud to be problem solvers for our clientele. We do not change our commitment to deliver the best based on the size of the project, be too big or small for us to undertake. Our team always delivers the perfect bespoke joinery solutions for our residential, commercial and hospitality clients.


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