Commercial Interior Design Dubai

Every time we enter a shopping mall, a club, a hotel, a restaurant or basically any other commercial/ public space we tend to form a general impression about the way it is designed. How the place is structured and tailored to suit our needs as well as those of the businesses they represent. We usually do all of this at an unconscious level. Customers usually try to spot the commercial interior design particularities of a commercial space and link it to the brand or its association. It is very important to realize that designing a commercial space is very different than designing a residential one. While a home’s interior design focuses on being friendly and pleasant, a commercial interior design is focused more on functionality and on the practical side of things without ignoring style.

The aesthetics here are very important because they bring recognition and monetary gain to the business. In other words, a commercial interior designer must be able to balance these elements perfectly and all while also prioritizing safety.

SKC Interiors are the go-to place for clients who are looking for the finest Commercial Interior company in Dubai. Our Commercial Interior Design services comprise a wide range of interior decorators offering designs that are exceedingly professional in nature. We ensure that our clients receive the finest, smart commercial interior designs, traditional or modern commercial interior designs which is in accord to our client’s likeness and their company’s brand and style.

Our expertise has resulted in continuously enriching commercial spaces with visually impressive and functional designs.
Commercial decorating is a highly visible field that affects a wide range of business and retail properties. Our interior design offerings of commercial spaces design include office interior design, retail interior design, shopping mall design along with spatial designs in community centers etc. A modern decorating scheme can make any commercial space appear contemporary and pleasant. A contemporary decoration in an office can make the workplace appear neat and professional for clients and a modern retail space can give shoppers the feel of elite shopping while buying high-tech products.

At SKC interiors we understand the benefits of creative utilization of Light. Light is an essential tool for commercial interior designs. 

A skilled decorator can manipulate both natural and artificial light to create a desired mood, color, and brightness. This may be achieved by channeling natural light through skylights or glass doors. We can make a retail space appear airy and open, instead of a crowded, windowless store aisle. Office spaces with natural light results in encouraging greater productivity. By placing different-colored lights throughout a lobby, restaurant or shop, a commercial decorator can manipulate the space by breaking it up into different sections as defined by the lighting.

We cater to any kind of requirement from clients, be it a decoration based on a theme, corporate theme, traditional theme, or futuristic modern theme. Usually Stores and restaurants often come with a theme, which will be reflecting the products for sale or the style of cuisine. In a corporate color theme, focus is usually placed on brand awareness, by borrowing colors or design elements of a corporate logo or mascot. The idea is to be creative, but still retain the same color theme that will remind the customers of the brand and its relationships.


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